A Day to Cherish Strikes a Pose!

We all do it, at some point in our lives...stand in front of the mirror, pucker our lips, and think about what it would be like if we were 5 inches taller, 15 pounds lighter and our job was to grace the cover of Glamour magazine. Every girl has a moment when they dream of a day in the life of a super model. Well, how lucky we are! The A Day to Cherish team had the luxury and LUCK to spend an evening giggling, primping and sipping champagne for our fun, fun, fun photoshoot at Kimberly Jarman Photography. Yes, we needed new headshots for the website, but would JC Penny posed portraits cut it? Of COURSE NOT! We had to make this an event, and a fun one at that! We spent the evening playing dress up and, if only for a few minutes, pretending we all were 'Gisele-esque. We had lots of fun, tons of laughs and came out with some adorable pictures of our team. Thanks again to Kim Jarman and Jenny for opening the studio and putting up with us for the night! We love you!