There's an App for That

Appy Couple

For all our tech savvy brides, we have a fun idea for you! Heck, you don’t actually even need to be that tech savvy. A couple months back, we learned about Appy Couple! It’s just like a wedding website, where you can upload your wedding info – date, time, where you’re registered, bios, RSVP, etc., ONLY it makes your very own personalized iPhone or Android app. It’s easy to set up (though an invite is required . . . and easily obtained via e-mail) and there are lots of options for theme customization, then it’s on to the really fun stuff.You can upload photos and set event themes and colors. And the app even has a picture slider game, wedding countdown, and a champagne toast bulletin board where guests can upload their happy wishes for the couple! Guests can also add pictures from their own collections to the bride and groom’s albums or listen to songs from the various wedding celebrations – ceremony, bachelorette party, bridal shower, etc! It’s a fun and unique way to put your own spin on the newly traditional wedding website (which it co-creates), while incorporating technology that is on-the-go, just like a busy bride like you.