Featured Wedding - Liza & Peter

Back in April, Aleasha and I spent a wonderful day coordination the wedding of Liza & Peter at the Montelucia. Liza and Peter have the cutest story about how they met and are genuinely fun and classy people to be around. Liza came to us as a referal from one of our wonderful past clients (Thank you Melissa!) and we were so glad to have her as one of our brides. The staff at the Montelucia was outstanding and Easton Ashe provided a great night of music and dancing! What could top off a great night like this but a Julia Baker cake!  Check out some of these adorable photos from Mandy at Images by Reed. Please make a special note of the most amazing wedding shoes I have ever seen, Liza HAND bejeweled these herself!! Wow. Congratulations to Liza and Peter, you guys were great!